beach buggy floor pan left and right, shortened


Set of shortened floorpans by 14,25, 14,5, 15 und 15,5 inch

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Set shortened floor pans (left and right) Fits with Meyers Manx and other buggies at least 14,25 inch shortened No need to cut and shut the full-size floor pans. Each floor pan is reduced by 14 1/4, 14 1/2, 15 and 15 1/2 inches. All you need to do is trim to the correct size. The floor pans are made in the correct 18 gauge 1.2 mm steel. All our floor pans come in a high-end marine epoxy primer. The benefit of this is all you need to do is touch up the areas which have been either ground off or burnt off whilst welding them in Then you are ready to apply your choice of final protective coating.

Single floorpans on request


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